Monday, October 29, 2012

Propecia vs. common hair loss myths

When you notice you’re starting to lose your hair, you’ll do just about anything to make it stop. For many, this means buying into some of the popular myths floating around. Some men are worried that losing their hair points to something more serious, and others start looking for ways to prevent it from happening.

By the time you start to consider taking Propecia to treat your hair loss, you’ve probably done a lot of research. You might even start to wonder if you really need the drug; you might think that trying some of the suggestions you found online could help instead. But the truth is, relying on the misinformation can be harmful, and keep you from addressing the problem in an effective way, such as with Propecia pills. Here are some of the common hair loss myths.

Myths around wearing tight hats.

Some people believe that tight hats can cause hair loss because they cut off blood circulation in the head. This is simply untrue; it would be nearly impossible to wear a hat tight enough to cut off your circulation. It would be extremely uncomfortable, and very difficult to actually get on your head in the first place. A baseball cap or winter toque is of no concern.

Myths exaggerating hygiene or hair care importance.

Hair loss is not caused by a lack of nutrients, nor is it caused by not washing your hair frequently enough. If anything, the opposite may be true; washing your hair too frequently can make hair loss worse by irritating the scalp.

Heredity myths.

There’s an old saying that hair loss in men passes through the mother’s side of the family. It’s not true; your adult hair pattern is determined by a group of androgens that can come from both of your parents.

Myths aggravating the problem by falsly linked conditions.

When they start to notice hair loss, some men fear it is a sign of a more serious disease. While it is true that some more serious health conditions can cause baldness or thinning, it usually isn’t one of the first symptoms you will notice. If you notice your hair starting to thin but nothing else seems unusual, you’re dealing with simple hair loss.

Don’t let these common myths fool you into not treating your hair loss. There are options out there to help you, such as Propecia prescription pills.

Propecia vs. common hair loss myths