Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Propecia is for treating hair loss but it's in a woman body everyting is more complicated

Hair loss is not only a big problem for men but also for women. Statistics show that there are now 20 million women in the United States alone who suffer from hair loss and since this number is staggering, a lot of women are now looking for a hair regrowth solution that they can use.

There are a number of things that can cause hair loss including hereditary traits, hormonal imbalance, strong allergic reactions, or stress. For millions of women suffering from hair loss however, the usual culprit is their genes and since they cannot do much about it, they just look for products in the market that they can use to get their mane back.

Some experts believe that women experiencing hair loss are more self-conscious than their male counterparts who also have the same condition. While this is an issue on society in general, this is an important thing to take into consideration. Men who are now going bald can choose to just go bald along the way but for many women, going bald is never a good choice. This is where Propecia comes in – the only problem is, this hair growth solution was not intended for the female of the species. Many doctors advise women not to take Propecia at all because of possible side effects since the active ingredient seeps into the bloodstream.

This claim however is not supported by a scholarly studies or research. The medication came out in the late 90s and has stayed as one of the most popular drugs for this particular condition. The only sad thing about this is that, women cannot find the right kind of product or medication for hair loss since the most popular brand is meant for men. Although there is a possibility that the claims are not real, it is still a good idea to take precaution.

One has to remember that even if studies regarding this medication are inconclusive, the absence of conclusive data does not warrant one to claim that the drug is safe for use among women. it’s important to note that Propecia treatment was made specifically for men.

Propecia is for treating hair loss but it's in a woman body everyting is more complicated