Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Fastest and Simplest Way to Oriental-Charged Healthy Living Is Traditional Chinese Medicine

Long before the introduction of the western medical system most people that lived in the ancient days survived and even lived a healthier lifestyle than people in this present generation. The Chinese people are renowned for this attribute; their traditional way of healing and preserving health has in fact been studied at increasing pace in the western world.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is an ancient medical system that was used by the ancient people of China; this system involves a profound understanding of natural laws and their inter-relation with human bodies. It adopts a holistic approach that combines the personality, mind, spirit, soul, and emotions of humans in order to prescribe a totally effective solution that aims to heal the root causes of illnesses and not just the symptoms.

One of the most popular methods of these ancient traditional medicines is acupuncture. Acupuncture are the points at which human body picks its responses and senses. They are the body locations from which energies are transmitted between the body and the internal organs. These points are referred to as Shuxue in the Mandarin, or Chinese language.

Acupuncture is just one of the diverse plethora of effective Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques and remedies. There are several other methods of applying the ancient Chinese healing methods; some of these include - Qigang, herbal therapy, Acupressure, food for healing and Chinese psychology.

Purists of ancient Chinese medicines contest that they bring more benefits to the body than the more used western medicines. Apart from the fact that this type of medicine has a rich history of proven success, both amongst the ancient people, and also the surviving generations, it is also proven to have healed both the body and the mind of the sick.

Apart from this, there are wide arrays of diseases that can be treated by a combination of Chinese medicines. This form of medicine has been hailed to have treated more protracted sicknesses or diseases like cancer, fibroid and sexual dysfunctional diseases.

One distinctive benefit of this alternative medicine is that it attempts to address the specific illness or disease instead of a general approach. Illnesses like cold have several categories and types in the ancient Chinese therapy, meanwhile modern therapy tends to think of any cold as the same, which is why often colds are not cured by drugs and it is only the symptom of colds that these modern drugs take care of.

Chinese medicines are also known to offer more additional advantage because of its raw, chemically unprocessed form of treatment. Most experts have argued that human bodies are normally trained to develop resistances to chemicals and drugs, which means that western drugs tend to have a declining effect on the human body as time goes on. The Traditional Chinese Medicine, on the other hand, uses a natural method that slowly heals the root of a disease before eradicating the symptoms.

Finally, Chinese treatment can treat the rarest forms of diseases, which may not have had a ready-made treatment in the western medical world. Since this form of alternative medicine has survived more than 2000 years, it has a catalogue of numerous specific diseases with specifically aligned traditional treatments and techniques that cater for them.